Agreement of joint Research Laboratory between SIMIT, CAS and Juelich Research Center signed in Shanghai

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May 18th, 2010,威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT), CAS signed an agreement with Juelich Research Center upon the joint research laboratory for superconductivity and bio-electronics. Director of SIMIT, Academician WANG Xi and Director of PGI Prof. Andreas Offenhaeusser signed the agreement on behalf of the two institutes. Vice director YU Yuehui hosted the ceremony, Prof. ZHANG Yi, Prof. XIE Xiaoming and Ms. LUO Qi attended the ceremony.

SIMIT has a long relationship with Juelich Research Center. Both two sides have held several conferences for collaboration. And this time, the agreement marks the substantial collaboration in superconductivity and bio-elctronics.

After the signing ceremony, there was a thesis defense of Ms. DONG Hui, who is the first joint Ph. D candidate by SIMIT and Juelich. Academician WU Peiheng hosted the defense, Prof. Andreas Offenhaeusser from Juelich, Prof. Saburo Tanaka from Toyohashi University and other professors attended the defense.

In the end, Vice director YU Yuehui awarded Prof. ZHANG Yi Guest Professor of SIMIT, which will strengthen the collaboration in science research and talent exchange between the two sides.

  (Signing agreement, picture provided by SIMIT)

  (Thesis defense of Ms. DONG Hui, picture provided by SIMIT)

  (Guest professor awarding ceremony, picture provided by SIMIT)



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