SIMIT signs Intention of Collaboration with ICT Center

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September 27, 2012, the delegation from ICT Center, Commonwealth Scientific and IndustrialResearch Organisation (CSIRO) headed by Dr. Ian Oppermann visited威尼斯9778官方网站 (SIMIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences.  

Director WANG Xi, deputy director YU Yuehui, assistant director SUN Xiaowei and prof. BU Zhiyong attended the meeting.

During the conference, prof. WANG Xi welcomed the delegation. Dr. Ian Oppermann introduced the general situation of CSIRO. Both two sides discussed the collaboration on wireless sensor network, broadband communication and E-band communication. Deputy director YU Yuehui and director Ian Oppermann signed intention to collaborate and looking forward to the further cooperation.

After the meeting, prof. YU Yuehui accompanied the delegation to the exhibition room.

  (Discussion, picture provided by SIMIT)

  (Signing Intention of Collaboration, picture provided by SIMIT)

  (Visiting exhibition room, picture provided by SIMIT)


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